The Chesme Executive

The Chesme Executive, the “stylish” project shaped by 66 years of experience and high quality standards of Kar Construction, is an ideal option for the ones who want to feel the green, sea and the sand under their feet at any time of the day. The private facility, situated in 3 km coastline of Çeşme’s Boyalık Bay, consists of 24 life units.

The Chesme Executive, that offers a life opportunity in extraordinary locations with its large and green terraces and unique sea view, will be the modern signature in the silhouette of Çeşme with its original architecture, rich possibilities and aesthetic understanding. The complex, which shines as a pearl in Turkey’s one of the most valuable coastline, will express Çeşme’s elegant spirit as well as its charm. For the ones who will live in The Chesme Executive designed for the ones who adopted the idea of being intertwined with the sea as a lifestyle, it would be enough to put only their personal belongings and dreams in their luggage.

The security of the facility, in which there are indoor and outdoor swimming pools facing the sea, private sunbathing areas, cafe and snack bar, jogging track, fitness, yoga, pilates studios, concierge, drawing room, valet parking, housekeeping services, will be provided by both the specially trained teams and cameras. This original architecture, which gives a good opportunity not only for living but also for investing, will add more value to itself after the completion of İstanbul-İzmir highway.

Location: Çeşme / İzmir

Date of Completion: 2017

Usage: Residence