3. Termokar Fabrika Binası

Termokar, which is among Turkey’s leading producers of heat exchanger, has been founded in 2004, in Atatürk Organized Industry Zone. The company, which is a subsidiary of Karcıoğlu Group, transferred its production plant from İzmir to Manisa Organized Industrial Zone after eight years of activity.

By means of clever solutions, architectural value has been added to the establishment, which has been planned and constructed by Kar Construction on an outdoor area of 17.500 sqm and an indoor area of 11.000 sqm. The most attractive features of 1.400 sqm of the factory, which is used as administration and personnel floors, are the large windows that lead the sunshine in the working environment. A rarely found harmonious working environment has been provided by creating green areas in order to prevent the hot weather in the west side of the prefabricated reinforced concrete building in which an elegant and fresh air is dominant unlike in many other factories.


Date of Completion: